Our company was founded in 1991 in Baltimore. Over the years, we have become a recognized and often imitated force within the international logistics community.  Our position is a direct result of our dedication to providing the absolute best service at the lowest possible cost. Our aggressive contract and rate negotiations, on your behalf, bring the savings to you.  From our inception and continuing today, we pass these transportation savings on to you – our customer.

We treat each and every shipment as it should be…its own, unique transaction. Each customer has different needs and we make sure these individual needs are met; and they are met on a professional and timely basis.  When you call our office, you will not be lost in voice mail or talk to computers. Our phones are answered by real people.  You will get real responses and you will get them quickly.  We know it’s important for you to feel total confidence in the company you have selected to ship your personal items.  After all, they are YOUR personal items. To that end, we continually strive to make your shipping experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

SEABRIDGE INTERNATIONAL has proven ourselves to our customers time and time again. We consistently help our customers navigate their international moves as stress free as possible. That’s what we do – and we DO IT VERY WELL !

Strait Lines FMC NRA Rules Tariff

Strait Lines Bill of Lading Terms and Condition